What does the job outlook look like for this year’s Emory students?

Julie: Our students have a lot of interviews and things seem to be tracking quite well. We have a good variety of companies coming on campus at the moment…Brandi, do you want to give a student’s perspective?

Brandi: I know some of my classmates came back from their internships with offers, some still waiting to hear. On campus interviews have already started–mostly finance and consulting. I have had two marketing interviews so far. Overall, it’s pretty active on campus as far as recruiting goes.

When do you encourage us to apply by?

I encourage candidates to apply by February 1st…although all applicants will receive a full review through our app. deadline March 15th.

How does Goizueta utilize the wait list?

We utilize our wait list in different ways….one way is that there are several candidates each year that we work closely with b/c we think their backgrounds are terrific..but they may need more time to strengthen their quantitative skills…….or we also use the wait list to round out certain aspects of our class…b/c we do want to enroll a broad range of backgrounds in the class.

How many candidates are usually on the wait list and of those how many gain admission?

The # on the wait list varies from year to year…last year we had quite a few b/c we had such a strong pool of applicants…perhaps 100+…we “pulled” about 20 from the wait list…and all of those that we did had been in close contact w/ us and they have been great additions to our class.

Schools in the top 30 all can offer me many of the same type of courses. What kind of unique stuff do you have?

Competitor and Industry Analysis is a great class, also, our Leadership Academy would be great.

I learned that the project management requires knowledge about the management for teambuilding, risk strategy, time, finance, and so on. So do you have relative courses to meet?

Brandi: Trust me, you’ll get plenty of team building experience which is great. There are several finance classes that cover risk/reward. Strategy and organizational behavior classes are also recommended. With our program, you definitely have flexibility to direct your own concentration and don’t have to follow a particular path. My approach has been to learn as much about marketing as I could, but balance that with other skills that I think an MBA grad should have–finance, strategy, operations, etc.

Julie: We have all those courses and you would definitely develop those skills at Goizueta.

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Julie’s concluding remarks: It’s been a great experience….happy to answer more questions of applicants….call us at Goizueta! 404-727-6311.

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