Do you think the GPA scores is very important in the application?

GPA is important…but we look primarily at the last two years and definitely consider what the major was,…etc.

What about Ph.D. designation? I am looking to switch careers. I have been very successful and have leadership background but cannot determine if an MBA would be a step forward or backwards. I’ve looked at your full-time and executive programs as options. I am a bit fearful that an MBA after a Ph.D. career would be seen as negative. I’ve received mixed reviews. What is your position on this and why?

In terms of the PhD….we have had a few folks enroll in our MBA w/ a PhD and it’s worked out real well…but you’re right to think about it closely….it really depends on what you want to do afterwards and how the PhD fits w/ the MBA so to speak.

The essay regarding your most significant accomplishment, does this need to be related to your work experience or can it be a college/activity accomplishment?

It doesn’t have to be work-related but it’s typically best if it is….b/c we want to know how your experiences would contribute to class discussions.

I learned that some schools has their priorities for majors. Is that true?

Julie: In terms of majors….each year the “mix” changes….we have engineers, liberal arts majors and BBAs…etc.

Brandi: My class has several engineers, chemists, history majors and one former rock and roll band member–he played bass guitar! The diversity in my classmates adds to the discussions–we have opinions from various industries and job functions, which brings new ideas to the table and enhances the overall education.

Essay #3 asked “How will your participation in the MBA program fit in with your experiences and responsibilities”. What do you mean by “responsibilities”?

Essay #3 relates to how what you’ve done in the past will enable you to add to class discussions at Goizueta. The essays are really most interesting to read and give us so much insight into the candidate!

I learned that the success possibility is more in 2nd round than that in the first round. Is that true?

I don’t think it makes a difference whether you apply 1st versus 2nd round…we try very, very hard to remain consistent throughout the review process ..that’s certainly our goal.

Is there any suggested dress code if I interview on campus?

Business dress is appropriate for the interview….suit for men; work outfit for women…and, yes…business casual is also fine.

Should I prepare for a behavioral interview or the more garden variety kind?

The interview is kind-of of combination…but more of a Q & A format….no trick questions…no cases….questions relate to your resume…so that we can develop a better understanding of your work experience….leadership exp….personal interests….and MBA aspirations. Our interviews are comprehensive….but they are not meant to be stressful….we want to get to know you …and learn about your interest in us as well!

Emory seems to be making a strong effort to catapult itself into being a permanent member of the top 15 business schools. That being said, if I am looking to work in New York City in an investment banking/management consulting job, what kind of alumni presence to they have there?

Julie: Wow—we have a ton of alums in NYC…I recruit there 2-3 times per year and we have so many successful alums there who help us out. We have several hundred alumni coming to our NYSE event next week…it’s an annual event and a great mixer for alums there!

Brandi: Several of my friends are looking for marketing and I-banking in NY and seem to have a lot of luck with contacting alums. I’ve often heard that the alums there are excited to hear from a Goizueta student b/c they mostly hear from local/NE students.

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