On Tuesday, October 26, 2004, we hosted a chat with Julie Barefoot, Director of Admissions and Brandi Mathews, a second-year student with a concentration in marketing.

Below is the abbreviated transcript of that chat.

How does the recruiting outlook appear at Goizueta?

Recruiting is going very well this year. We have already interviewed a number of candidates for our 2005 classes. We recruit worldwide. We have admissions officers interviewing both on campus and throughout the United States and abroad in the coming months.

Is it possible to interview on any day in ATL?

Yes…every day except Wednesdays …we also interview on about 7 select Saturdays. You don’t have to have an app on file to interview…you just need to bring your resume. We really like candidates to visit our campus…it’s beautiful..and we want them to meet our students…go to class w/ them…interact w/ our faculty…etc.

I am applying for the One Year Program. In the past the incoming class averages around 50 individuals. Do you see this number staying at 50 this year?

Yes…I believe it’ll be 50…maybe 55…but yes, around that number.

Do you by any chance accept the GRE in place of the GMAT?

No. We don’t accept the GRE.

How important is it to attend an interview before sending the application? I mean if it’s not possible to attend one?

We greatly value an in person interview and it’s perfectly fine for you to do this before you send in your application….all you have to do is contact our office or go to our web site…phone 404-727-6311 or goizueta.emory.edu.

When should someone interview. Before or after the application is submitted?

I recommend that you interview before you submit your application…..we do not pre-review your file so there’s no advantage to wait.

Why should someone come to Goizueta over other top bschools? Respectfully, I like Goizueta Business School. I am interested in your point of view.

Julie: Goizueta is a fabulous place to attend B-School…the students are bright and engaging individuals and the faculty has tremendous teaching and research skills….and yet it’s a small, agile environment…plus, Atlanta is a wonderful place to live…. I really like the “can do” attitude of my colleagues here…students, fellow staff and faculty alike are always interested in “continuous improvement”…that’s a great feeling. Why Goizueta? Lots of reasons…but I would say that at the top of the list is that you can be a leader here and have a one-on-one relationship w/ faculty….that can’t / won’t happen at a lot of places. In fact most of the other top schools are too large for that to happen.

Brandi: For me, class size was a deciding factor. You won’t get lost in the shuffle. You have tons of opps to lead, great networking/relationships with alums, and top tier companies that recruit here. We are getting recognized for the quality of education and leadership training received at Goizueta. Plus, we’ve got a fabulous set of students to get to know on a social basis!

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