In your BusinessWeek conversation you mentioned you look for at least a 50% score on the quant section of the GMAT. What do you suggest for applicants you do not meet the 50% level, besides retaking the GMAT? Thanks.

Below the 50% quant. score on the GMAT, I think that they should spend more time on quantitative preparation and take the test again…..of course, we do take into consideration their grades in quant classes….we’re happy to discuss this issue w/ them too …one-on-one.

Julie, I am glad to read your answer about the quant score. I have always done well in math classes all my life, but when it comes to the GMAT, it’s another story.

I hear you! I had the same issue w/ the GMAT I understand….again, we do work closely w/ our applicants and if the candidate can demonstrate strength in math preparation for our program in other tangible ways, we absolutely will fully consider them for the class…I did not mean to convey that no one is admitted below that level…it’s a benchmark for them to consider.

How does the ‘deadlines’ and ‘rolling admissions’ concepts go together in Gouzueta? Are there any advantages in applying before the deadlines?

Honestly, no….we give these deadlines as a “guide” so to speak…..but rolling admissions means that we review them when they’re completed….the key full time deadline to remember is the Feb. 1st which is the scholarship review deadline.

What does it mean that Goizueta is #1 in leadership? Are you looking for students who are already very good at leadership skills or do you provide training if someone has a great personality but needs fine tuning to be a better leader. Finally, what does the #1 in leadership mean to me as a student and to recruiters? Do recruiters care?

Julie: Great question! It’s really both….in the application/ interview process we absolutely want to see individuals with demonstrated leadership skills in their college careers, work..etc…but we also want to further develop those skills…after all that’s what the MBA is all about….as for recruiters…yes..they really, really like to see the initiative that our students demonstrate and they tell me often that their leadership, strong team work skills and interpersonal strengths are key differentiators for Goizueta.

Brandi: B-school is the perfect environment to hone your leadership skills in a friendly, academic atmosphere. You will have several opps to lead and should take advantage of them. I know that recruiters prefer to see candidates who have demonstrated these skills in the past and expect you to do so in your career at their company.

Do you recommend a campus visit before submitting the application?

We love to have students visit our campus…and it’s great if they can do so before submitting an application….we have a strong visitation program that’s student run!

How many students will be admitted for 2005?

We’ll likely admit about 280 students in 2005…we expect to enroll about 160.

Thanks for taking these questions. I have two questions. First, how is a degree such as the CFA viewed, do you see a lot of those? Secondly, why is the median GMAT lower for the one year program than the full time program? Do you accept applicants based on a different formula for the one year program? Thanks a lot Julie!

We love the CFA designation…very impressive…we know what it means and what it entails. For One Year candidates, we focus a bit more on the grades and their average GPA is a bit higher….we also need to have folks that are not career changes (i.e., acctg. to marketing) in that program…b/c there isn’t an internship. By the way, we don’t use a formula in admissions for any of our programs….just wanted to clarify that issue…..but there are different aspects that we look for depending on the program….great question!

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