How helpful do applicants generally find a campus visit?

I believe it is very important for an individual to visit our campus to get a better understanding of our program and one’s overall fit with the school. We have a number of opportunities to experience Michigan through tours, class visits, and specialized weekends. As an admitted student, many will come for our admit weekend. In some instances, students, particularly those coming internationally, have never visited our campus until they come to search for housing and the first semester begins. This can also happen to military applicants and others for a variety of reasons. Most of these students, however, have had the opportunity to meet us on the road and have engaged with one of our many alumni to get a strong feel for the Michigan experience remotely.

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Do you have any special instructions or advice for applicants who wish to visit the business school’s campus?

Michigan Business School has a specific web site. They also have ambassador programs such as “Your Day at Michigan” where a student spends the day on campus that coincides with his or her scheduled interview time. Applicants are encouraged to attend special weekend events, conferences, and meet and greet the students.

How are re-applicants viewed by Michigan Business School and what do they need to do to be successful the second time around?

Some re-applicants are offered feedback, but generally they are asked to step back and think about whether their goals are clear, how well they are able to articulate these goals, and ask themselves about their weaknesses and strengths. We do not interview re-applicants. Instead they are asked to write a cover letter in which they highlight new achievements, extra-curricular activities, and reiterate their interest in Michigan Business School. This cover letter frames the re-application.

Describe how the financial aid process works and what admitted students can expect in terms of scholarships, assistantships, and loan guarantees.

Applicants for financial aid should complete the FAFSA. The school carries the CitiAssist Loan, a guaranteed loan program. From a scholarship standpoint, there is typically a pool of dollars for need and a pool of dollars for merit. We try to allocate some of these funds to international students as well. Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission.

Could you talk about the activities occurring in Career Services at your school?

Michigan Business School had a great year this past year in terms of student career success. In a sense, this year was a throwback to a “normal” year for MBA recruiting. As of mid-July, those who reported receiving offers have risen significantly from last year, with close to 90% percent of students receiving at least one offer – a figure representative of the mid to late 1990’s. Additionally, on-campus recruitment schedules and slots for company presentations have increased significantly for the second consecutive year, so we are continuing to be optimistic.

What specifically should IT applicants do to differentiate themselves in their applications?

IT applicants come in many forms. They tend to think that they are all going to be lumped together into one pool and we will only select the best few from them. This is not our approach to selecting students for the program. What they forget is that they are all different people and they are all unique. They have made different decisions about where to go to school and where to work. They need to bring these out in their applications. The personality and individuality must stand out. I remember going to forums and being asked, “Should I leave my job to join a start up to differentiate myself?” I would ask them if they were happy at their current position and if they had room for further development. Often times they answered yes. Well in that case, stay where you are!

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