Describe how the financial aid process works and what admitted students can expect in terms of scholarships, assistantships, and loan guarantees.

We have very limited scholarships and grant money, but we do have loan programs.  Essentially, we admit people without looking at financial aid, so it is not a factor at all.  Once you are admitted, one can set a process in place to see if there is eligibility for a scholarship.  Typically, it might be a $10,000.00 award for each year.  If a student is not eligible for a scholarship, they could apply for Wharton loans.

Do you have any special instructions or advice for applicants who wish to visit the business school’s campus?

The campus visit program begins for us on September 26 and there are a variety of activities that an applicant can participate.  They can attend classes with students, however it is best to avoid Fridays, because there are no classes that day.  We also have information sessions on campus every day.  Thursday is a good day because we have a strong tradition at Wharton called “pub night.”  This occurs every Thursday night and people visiting campus like to do that.  You can visit our web site to learn more about other activities available.

Can you briefly describe the housing situation for your students?

We do have some on-campus housing.  There is a very strong Wharton community in Center City, where the majority of our students live.  Some students live in West Philadelphia where University of Pennsylvania is located, and some of the married students live in the suburbs.  The University has done a lot of work in West Philadelphia to make it more of a good place to live.  The campus is ivy-league and is absolutely beautiful.  We provide all sorts of resources for students when they have been admitted to help them look for housing.

What are the students like at Wharton?

Obviously, our students are relatively smart, they have a certain level of confidence from having achieved some interesting things and I feel that Wharton students are more humble than people would presume.  For the most part, they are great to hang out with and they are fun.

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